Owner | Makeup Artist

Lucy Muradyan


What inspires me as an artist reflects mostly on the world around me; culture. I get inspired by fashion, fabrics, textures, it’s endless. Sometimes it’s actual art theory, sometimes inspiration comes from a specific era, other times it can be just from imagining an end result that suits my client’s needs.

The most rewarding thing about my line of work is seeing my clients look at themselves in the mirror after I’m finished with my work. It’s extremely rewarding making women feel more confident about themselves after leaving my chair, and that’s my ultimate goal. It’s not that one needs makeup to be beautiful, but I do

think it’s a sense of being more put together and feeling better about yourself. You look good, you feel good!



Streetstyle in LA and in other cities I’ve traveled. Seeing individuals express themselves through fashion and beauty.

Like the very best version of themselves.

Favorite Netflix Show: Gilmore Girls

Vrej Nazar


I take inspiration from everything around me. The deep, rich colors I see in nature everyday inspire me to create new, innovative looks for my clients.

Most importantly, confident. I want them to leave feeling beyond satisfied and great about themselves.